Upscale Baci restaurant space appraised by Stuart & Company

JB's Hometown Buffet property valued by Stuart & Company.

Stuart & Company provided valuation expertise on Jackson Hole ski resort for compliance with federal tax law.

Historical Cafe Pierpont space valued by Stuart & Company.

Prestigious downtown office space valued by Stuart & Company.


Stuart & Company is eminently qualified to assist you in professional consulting and appraisal services in the following areas:

FINANCING. One of the most common reasons for engaging our services is to estimate the value of real property pledged as collateral for mortgage loan purposes.

EMINENT DOMAIN. Sovereign government has the right to take property for public use provided that just compensation is granted. We can advise clients regarding valuation issues associated with the condemnation of fee simple or other property rights.

TRANSFER OF TITLE. Our expertise is beneficial in establishing bases for real estate exchanges, and in assisting prospective buyers and sellers in establishing corresponding offering and selling prices.

CORPORATE ACTIVITY. We can provide valuation opinions useful in mergers, book value alterations, and stock offerings.

TAX ISSUES. Our opinions can form bases for separating property into depreciable and non-depreciable categories, for computing gift and inheritance taxes, or for appealing excessive property taxes.

MARKET STUDIES. Such research may set forth important information on absorption trends, construction patterns, pricing, lender activities, and investor preferences.

MARKETABILITY RESEARCH. In positioning real estate products to maximize their returns, and in understanding the risks inherent in achieving cash flow goals, marketability studies are indispensable tools. They provide information on the most likely sources of demand, along with the timing and magnitude of such demand.

RENT PROJECTION AND PRICING STUDIES. Such analyses can be conducted in conjunction with marketability research, or may simply be performed on a self-contained basis. These types of studies are utilized to hone marketing strategies, and to improve decision making in connection with property investment and management activities.

FEASIBILITY STUDIES. We can provide feasibility studies to determine whether assorted investment alternatives meet defined client goals. If a given scenario does not pass muster, we can pinpoint the specific variables which render it unworkable. Practically any type of analytical tool can be used in feasibility studies.

LITIGATION. Our expert services and/or testimony can materially augment effectiveness in connection with pre-trial activities, trial proceedings, or negotiated settlements.

GOVERNMENT ADVISORY. Our expertise is useful in advising government planners, zoning authorities, and courts on the probable impacts of various courses of action.

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